Tuesday, 19 April 2011



Our squad was split in two groups for the start of our skills blocks, which are 2 week training sessions on Driving and Firearms. These are the session we've all been looking forward to - getting outside into the fresh air!

I started on Driver training. Let me tell you, I thought I was a reasonable driver, but now I realise I sucked!!

First we started with the norm - theory. But then got to the fun part of driving. We learnt how to drive with "Pull push stearing", then how to stop in extreme circumstances and wet weather. My favourite part of this training was the jokes we payed out on each other and the four wheel drive training. I managed to get bogged in a swamp, with water coming through my door. Poor Nigel had to get out and attach a wench to a tree to pull me out, it was gold! Good thing I wasn't the only one to get bogged, however mine was probably the most extreme.

This was a great few days, so hopefully Firearms will be as Fun.

Write again soon,


Recruit Trainee Constable Gemma Thorpe

Hi Everyone,

I'm Gemma an NT Trainee Constable for Squad 110. I've had a bit of a delayed start with this blog as we are already 10 weeks into our 26 week course, but i'll be blogging regularly from now to let you know whats new in the zoo of recruit training.

A little about me - I'm 26 and originally from Perth WA but have been living in Darwin for the past 2 years. Before I became a recruit I was working as a finance manager for Westpac. You could say its a bit of a change - indoor to out and pushing paper to pushing weights. But I wanted the adventure and in the near future I could be in one of the "big four" - Alice Springs, Katherine, Tennant Creek or DARWIN.

There are 22 in our squad (14 blokes and 8 chicks), we all get along famously which is a great start! We just finished a "Man Maker" fitness sesssion with the Deputy & Assistant Commissioner, which is one of our many crazy fitness regimes, heaps of study on Law and DEATH by powerpoint, but learning heaps - my brain is sore.

So that's it to start with, stay tuned for more......